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Account Activation

Ledger is the core concept of Radard. We save all the transaction records, account settings, balance changes to the Ledgers. Account Activation is a procedure to save one account into the ledger. It needs one transaction at least. All this is called Account Activation.


In Radr system,We introduce a new transaction type: ActiveAccount. It's used to activate accounts. Accounts existed in Radr system can make this transaction to accomplish transfer funds, activation, referee adding.

Account activation with RadrTrade

  • firstly,we need an existed radr account to login into radrTrade system, and choose “Send”;

  • Then input the address to be activated, page below will show message to describe more 0.01VRP will be cost during activation.

  • Input amount, and go to the confirming page, input your pay password to confirm the transaction. If the transaction is success, we will find a new record in “History”.

  • The whole activation is done.
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