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How to apply crowd-funding in RADR

  1. Fill in the following template
  2. Write your Business Plan (You can refer to )
  3. Mail above two documents to:, heading to “Apply crowd-funding” at the beginning
  4. RADR lab Radar will review the application ASAP, and contact you with your information.

Equity-based crowd-funding application template

1. Company information

  • Company’s short name:
  • Company’s full name:
  • Industrial Code: (see Appendix One)
  • The place of incorporation (accurate to the city):
  • Established time:
  • Number of employees: [1, 2-10, 11-100, 101-500, 500+]
  • Website Address:
  • Applicant's contact:

2. Project status

  • Project Logo:
  • Project schedule: [start-up, start, middle, on the market, rights issuance]
  • Project Profile:

3. The issuance of radar system

  • The maximal circulation:
  • The initial issuance price range: [10, 20] USD
  • Lock-up period instruction (New purchase equity has a lock-up period, which can unlock some ratio according pre-set period):
Immediately unlock ratio of newly purchased:a%
The time of each lock-up period:b Days
Unlock ratio of each matured period:c%
Permanent lock (until the program terminates) ratio:d%

4. Project dynamic (regular updates)

(The following is only an example.)

  • 2, May, 2015 SG financing proposal accord to the decision of the board of directors.
  • 15, May, 2015 Present the crowd-funding application to radar laboratory.
  • 15, May, 2015 Get approval from radar laboratory, the radar laboratory agree to crowd-funding with radar system

Appendix 1: classification of the company’s enterprise belongs

1.  Agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery 
2.  The mining industry
3.  Manufacturing industry  
  3.1 Food processing and food and beverage manufacturing industry                
  3.2 Tobacco products industry                      
  3.3 Textile, chemical fiber industry
  3.4 Clothing, shoes and hats, leather manufacturing industry             
  3.5 Wood processing and wood, bamboo, cane, palm, grass products, furniture manufacturing industry                
  3.6 Paper and paper products, printing, stationery and sports, office supplies manufacturing industry               
  3.7 Non-metallic mineral products industry (including cement, glass, ceramics, refractory materials, etc.)  
  3.8 Black metal, non-ferrous metal smelting and rolling processing industry           
  3.9 Fabricated metal products industry 
  3.10 Oil processing and coking industry 
  3.11 Chemical raw materials and chemical products manufacturing industry    
  3.12 Pharmaceutical manufacturing industry                           
  3.13 Rubber products, plastic products industry                        
  3.14 General equipment and special equipment manufacturing industry              
  3.15 Transportation equipment manufacturing industry          
  3.16 Electrical machinery and equipment, cable manufacturing industry              
  3.17 Communications equipment, computers and other electronic equipment manufacturing industry        
  3.18 Instrumentation manufacturing industry                        
  3.19 Handicraft and other manufacturing industry               
4.  Electric power, heat, gas and water production and supply industry      
5.  The environment and public facilities management 
6.  Construction industry                            
7.  Transportation, warehousing and postal service industry                 
8.  Information transmission, computer services and software industry 
9.  Wholesale and retail industry
10. Accommodation and catering 
11. Finance and insurance industry 
12. The real estate industry
13. Leasing and business services industry  
14. Scientific research, technical services and geological exploration  
15. Water conservancy, environment and public facilities management 
16. Residents service and other services 
17. Education
18. Health, social security and social services
19. Culture, sports, entertainment
20. Comprehensive (including investment, its main business is not obvious)
21. Others

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