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RADR is committed to providing the most convenient payment, foreign exchange and other financial services to customers via Internet. Moreover, RADR and is gradually improving its operations to create an easy and seamless transactions accessible to anyone.

The free flow of value has long been the core idea of our trading platform and product design. In the past one year we have realized a more convenient and lower-cost real-time transactions between digital currencies and fiats. Then we have been committed to making cross-currency transfer with higher efficiency and lower-cost compared with banks. Eventually, we launched our latest offering RADR-FX in which we will achieve the integration of important roles (Market Maker and Money Boss) in RADR network and bring about a P2P-mode cross-currency transfer.

Without expensive service charge in banks,a P2P mode of transfer takes the optimal exchange rate in the bid of market makers, leading to a much lower transaction cost compared to bank service. Meanwhile,it avoid delays in cross-border and cross-bank transfers and cut the remittance completion time into several hours. As for the design of the product, we highlight simplicity and user-friendliness, contributing to our objective to provide the simplest cross-border transfer with lowest cost. The business will be launched first in the Philippines and Hong Kong,and then expand to the international markets like Southeast Asian countries, according to their compliance regulation.

It is firmly believed that RADR-FX will add to greater value of the radar network!

Lower cost

Why does RADR-FX make transfers faster with lower cost?

The traditional remittance is an international trade of foreign exchanges involving two banks in two countries like the flow chart below (dollar to euro):


The charges involve:

  1. Bank service charge of sending the transfer (US$25);
  2. Bank service charge of receiving the transfer (US$5);
  3. Increased exchange rate with FX swaps + increased rate to evade risks fluctuations (normally 1%~4% higher than the mid-market rate).

In addition, the transfer takes about 2-4 days due to the institutions involved in different countries. By contrast, customers using RADR-FX only need to make local transfers to local Money Boss, after which RADR system will automatically complete digital assets exchange through Market Makers and simply have the destination Money Boss transfer money to the recipient account.

It is obvious that RADR system, taking a P2P-mode operation, only takes a low service charge at once and a bidding exchange rate from market makers, which leads to a much lower cost. We make local transfers separately in two places rather than cross-country transactions so that we can obtain a lower cost with higher efficiency.

No Risk

Users making cross-border transfers in bank may worry that the money can’t arrive in a foreign currency. In RADR system, the precondition for a Money Boss to take an order is to possess the requested currency of greater amount than the order, and the digital assets will be debited in advance. Therefore, in case such a dispute had happened, RADR system will ensure the security of your assets and the completion of the transaction. In other words, transitions in RADR system are under advanced risk management with credit guarantee.

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