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ICO Requirements

Requirements for ICO

To protect investor’s interest, ICO tokens need to meet the following requirements including but not limited to:

  1. Possess maintenance team or maintenance group
  2. Practical technology supports or practical applications
  3. It doesn’t violate the law, and there’s no policy risk
  4. Disclose project information including white paper, regular development and progress report, without any delay or false
  5. Only VBC can be used as the BASIC coin, aka “Coin-To-Coin” transaction only
  6. Two types of tokens are aupported for ICO now:
    1. ETH tokens, follow ERC20 protocol
    2. RADR chain tokens

Apply methord

Email to, with title “XXX Project apply ICO”. The content should include your team and your project's details, and your ERC20 smart contract address(only for ETH tokens).

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