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Listed Requirements

Requirements for listing in default

To protect investor’s interest, tokens entered the default list need to meet the following requirements including but not limited to:

  1. Possess maintenance team or maintenance group
  2. Practical technology supports or practical applications
  3. It doesn’t violate the law, and there’s no policy risk
  4. Disclose project information including white paper, regular development and progress report, without any delay or false
  5. Only VBC can be used as the BASIC coin, aka “Coin-To-Coin” transaction only
  6. Average daily turnover reaches 2 million USD or equal amounts
  7. DAU(daily active users) should be no less than 1,000 people

To protect investor’s interest, we will remove it out of the default list if they triggered the following conditions including but not limited to:

  1. Project team dissolution
  2. Significant legal issues
  3. Project operation team ask for removal because of the strategic adjustments or development needs
  4. Serious technical or security problems are not solved in time
  5. The complaints has reached a certain level
  6. Daily turnover is less than 20000 USD for 10 consecutive trading days
  7. DAU is less than 100 people for 10 consecutive trading days
  8. Zero transaction for 3 consecutive trading days
  9. Significant deviations in the information disclosure
  10. Unexpected fork or issuance
  11. Other matters that cannot meet the needs to continue to trade

Apply methord

Email to, with title “XXX Project applying for listing”. The content should include your team and your project's details.

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