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General Introduction to RADR

RADR system, at its core, is a new model of Internet-based financial instrument. In spite of its complexity in structure and technology, it is user-friendly and beneficial for both individuals and institutions.

This document provides a complete introduction to RADR system for users with different needs, from basic to more advanced levels.

What is RADR

RADR is a ripple-protocol-based (RTXP) financial product developing the fastest and least expensive payment settlement systems and exchange systems on a global scale. It enables payments in all types of currencies, including crypto currencies and fiats, as easy as sending email.

As a payment and clearing system

RADR provides services for debts settlement and funds transfer in a fast and safe way. Unlike Central Banks, the decentralized system is not controlled by a single node. The idea derives from Bitcoin, the earliest math based crypto currency. Confirming transactions in Bitcoin takes about an hour, but with the introduction of a new consensus mechanism (whose validity is verifiable), invalidating a transaction and achieving consensus in the network would only take a few seconds in RADR. All trading processes are asymmetric encrypted, in which the security and results of transmissions should be strictly verified.

Being a Foreign Exchange System

RADR supports exchanges between any currencies, including crypto currencies and fiats. However,with market makers and gateway mechanisms, RADR will automatically find paths for cross-currency offers.

In particular, RADR’s payment linkage in e-commerce will facilitate trades involving different currencies. For example, if a buyer holding RMB intends to buy items from a seller accepting payments only in USD, one of them used to be obliged to currency exchanges. Now, in RADR, the transaction could be completed automatically with market makers and liquidity between the two currencies. Pathfinding Algorithm in RADR system finds the lowest cost path of the slightest spread in exchange rate. The RADR network is designed to support multiple gateways hops in a single “atomic” transaction

What Will RADR Bring About

Within the RADR system, there are several important roles, each of which could benefit from RADR promotion.

Common users

For common users, RADR works as a means of electronic payment whose biggest advantage is cross-regional, cross-currency payment. For example: in RADR, a US user can make real-time payments for family bills in Mexico without a Mexican local bank account. In addition, users can also gain the following benefits:

  1. Along with the market promotion, an increasing number of merchants and institutions will begin to support RADR, which facilitates users’ payments.
  2. Also, users holding a certain balance in system enjoy daily insurances bonus, as a new way for value adding.
  3. Users can also benefit substantially from Forex and crypto currency trading. In RADR Exchange (, users can view the states of transactions in real time.
  4. RADR lowers or even totally saves the cost of funds transfer for users.


For merchants, using RADR has several major advantages:

  1. Convenient Payment: RADR network supports electronic payment on a global scale, and thus it performs as an important addition for merchants intending to expand the user base.
  2. Membership Management: The user relation chains in RADR can be easily utilized for membership management.
  3. Value-added Potential: When merchants have developed reference members while holding some native currencies (VRP/VBC), they will enjoy daily issuances bonus. The issuances bonus is based on a fixed algorithm to ensure the largest profits for merchants.

Banking institutions

RADR is designed to involve everyone into the global economy, so that it enables institutions to provide superior banking services with less time and lower cost. For example, with the advance of real-time settlement infrastructure in RADR, banks will be able to provide services like instant international remittances and cross-border settlement.

  1. Such institutions could be gateways which can set transfer rate to charge every transfer transaction.
  2. It could also be exchange market makers which make profits through exchange spreads.
  3. With a large number of reference users, Institutions can also gain profits through daily issuances

Market maker

Market makers are essential to the liquidity of RADR Network, which in turn brings in gains for them.

  1. Significantly reduce the cost of remittances.
  2. Exchange gains. Exchange spreads bring in direct gains for market makers as long as there are needs for currency trading in the network.
  3. Provide direct access to competitive exchange rates for everyone.
  4. Enable market makers to conduct transactions between traditional assets and alternative assets (such as deals between gold and bitcoins).

Major Sites of RADR

Main Site

Https:// provides the latest news about RADR lab.


Https:// works as a general exchange for all currencies. Exchange is the most important stage to realize RADR’s business values. In this platform, various roles (users, institutions, market makers, gateways) are taking activities to make transactions, increase liquidity and gain profits.

Note that except the native VBC/VRP currency, other currencies are all issued by the corresponding gateway. Holding a gateway’s issuances indicates the willingness to hold gateway debt obligations. RADR network itself does not possess money of gateways. Users should carefully verify a gateway before expand a trust line to it.

Real Time Information

  1. Users can see the dynamic information of the exchange (primarily Ledger information and Transaction data) in . The system is based on an open source client: radarj (
  2. Charts of real-time quotes:

RADR Wikipedia provides an overall description of RADR for different needs.

Our Wikipedia is the best entrance for users to understand RADR system as it has a comprehensive coverage. It is presented in two languages at present:

Developer Documentation

We firmly believe, it is essential for RADR to develop various applications and niches based on its ground network. In this case, RADR lab has opened up (and keeps updating) a user-friendly developer documentation system. With the help of the system, developers have easy access to network debugging and APP development assistance.

Description of RADR Technology Architecture

For more information, see: Knowledge Center

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