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 Recipient can login to view the progress of the transfer. Recipient can login to view the progress of the transfer.
 +===== Transfer money by sending email =====
 +==== Rules ====
 +  * First of all, the account needs to enable this function on the setting page and set the upper limit of CNY amount (Note: different currencies are converted into CNY value according to real-time price) within 24h, as shown in the following image:
 +    {{::​settings-money-mail-en.png|}}
 +  * MoneyMail uses official currency list as: CNY,​BTC,​ETH,​VBC,​VRP,​XRP,​EOS,​BCH
 +  * The email format requirements: ​
 +    * Title:Number of amount + space + currency, for example: `200 CNY`
 +    * CC `` is required.
 +  * For non '​VRP'​ tranfer, The first account who makes the tranfer need to add an additional 0.01VRP as the transaction fee for the recipient.
 +  * The system will deduct the asset and fee after MoneyMail transfer has been made: the fee calculation rules is listed below.
 +  * The period of the transfer'​s validity is 7 days, asset will be refunded if expired(Tips:​ VRP fee won't be refunded.);
 +  * The system will send a mail containing a link to the recipient'​s mailbox after the asset and fee deduction has done.
 +  * The recipient need to click the link in the email to receive the asset.
 +  * After the recipient'​s registration,​ the system will send the asset to his account automaticly.
 +Recipient can login to view the progress of the transfer.
 +===== MoneyMail History =====
 +MoneyMail History
 +View the MoneyMail History by category selection on the tranfer page: https://​​transfer
 ===== MoneyMail fee calculation ===== ===== MoneyMail fee calculation =====
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